Fashion routine

Hello readers!
I hope you are fine and I hope that the weather is good where you are! Spring often surprises us. So as spring should already be in your town, here I come with a fresh post~ for spring!
Have you ever found yourself in front of your closet completely desperate because you don’t know what to wear? Well I’m sometimes like that, but sometimes I really find my clothes and my style really fast ( I guess it’s a matter of mood and inspiration). So I’m here to share with you my fashion daily routine and to give you some advice! 

Everyday I wake up hardly because of course I’d love some more hours of sleep. I only have 15 minutes to find my clothes for the day. But the thing is – I spend half of them dreaming with my eyes open or just trying to wake up properly. However, sometimes I feel so inspired that I find my clothes immediately. Or sometimes, I am just thinking about it while I am at the bathroom. Or maybe I just dream the outfits! But most of the time I spend minutes just gazing at the wardrobe, searching for something I could start my outfit with. But almost always my time runs out and I have to leave for school, so I quickly turn all of my wardrobe upside down till I find a shirt and pants and that’s it. Sometimes, this kind of stuff leads to finding a new style for me! But almost always it leads to stressful moments. 

Sometimes, because I’m in a rush, I pick clothes that are too warm for the season and then I sweat all day, or clothes that are not warm enough and then I freeze all day. 


How can we avoid this?

You can avoid this eventually. I hope. You need to go to bed earlier in order to think clearly about it in the morning. Or you can just prepare your outfit before going to bed, thing I sometimes do as well. Don’t be afraid to pick random clothes! You can never know what can you discover.

So this was a pretty short post. I hope you enjoyed my little life adventures and I hope you will find a routine ( or a spontaneous look) that will make you happy!

xoxo Ingrid

P.s. I had some fun shooting these photos and many more you will see soon.. 🙂

Trip to London! ( V&A + Design museum)

Hello everybody!
Dear reader, first, I’d like to apologize for being so inactive! But as the title says, I had a wonderful trip in London, so as I’m back, I will keep you informed with the latest trends, news, outfits etc. But now, I’m going to tell you what I saw – the Victoria&Albert museum and the Design Museum ( okay I thought that’d interest you the most, this is a fashion blog though)

Now let’s get straight to the first point- the V&A. Now I’m not going to tell you the entire history of the museum, you just need to know that it is an art&design museum, and between 5 april and 27 july there is an exhibition ( a special one) called ” The glamour of the Italian Fashion ~years 1945 to 2014 ~”



So if you’re in London and you’re bored, you’d better go and see this. It is extraordinary, it reassembles the culture of Italy and the fashion, and the tradition there in an unique exhibition. * P.s. I’m not a promoting agent, those are just my opinions. This is just a small blog, come on, who would pay me to promote something here? * There were a lot of old dresses and costumes, old jewelry and accessories ( shoes, bags etc), including some that had been worn by numerous TV stars, including Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry set.


But God, they all looked so clean, so NEW and so well-kept! Some of the clothes could easily become again fashionable, no matter how many years passed by.
So in the first room there were old dresses from the fifties, together photos and films from the first fashion show ever. Then I saw clothes that have been worn by some royalities and film stars, then some mens clothing. In one of the rooms I saw an incredible coat ( well it was not that beautiful but I like how it was presented. Just keep reading) from Fendi, created by Karl Lagerfeld. There was the entire designing process there- the sketch, the coat creatied entirely of paper, with the colors written on them ( thing that I’ve never seen before) and the finished product. I also saw some new stuff, like these:


Dolce Gabbana A-W 2013 ( I also saw the crown!)



It was amazing to see these masterpieces and so many more pieces of history! All in all, it was an incredible visit at the museum and even though this is just a glimpse of the museum & exhibition and you probably haven’t understand much, you should definitely go and visit V&A. I couldn’t take pictures of the exhibition, sorry sorry sorry.

I also got my hands on this exclusive edition of May 2014 Harper’s Bazaar created especially for V&A , for the Bridal Dresses Exhibition ( not really worth mentioning; I saw that too but it was not as big and not as beautiful as the Italian one)Image

So I won’t describe my visit at the design museum, but if you like Paul Smith, you should go there. There was ( and it still is) an exhibition regarding Paul Smith’s designing career and you can see there his workspace, his office and a lot of things he designed. I wasn’t a big fan of Paul Smith before I’d visited the museum, but when I saw his work, I became one. There is also a room with innovative designs where I saw this Prada s-s 2014 dress:



And also many many more cool inventions and designs.
What else I did? ( speaking fashion of course)

I discovered a ultra-mega-cool shop in Piccadilly Circus in London, called “The Sting”. I mean, seriously, can any other shop be better than that? Believe me, it was INCREDIBLE! There were 2 floors for women and one for men. The shop was sectioned – there were many brands ( that are not as known as H&M, Zara etc, shops known mainly among teens) but the one I found the best was “Seven Sisters”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about it on the internet. However, the clothes there were amazing, they were stylish and trendy and they were following the street style trends among teens and young girls/boys so if you feel like having fun & look fabulous, go there.

I also got a pair of Dr. Martens boots ( you know, they’re on the ‘must’ list for 2014 )


I hope you had fun reading this post. See you!

xoxo Ingrid

p.s. All the photos are from the internet, except the one with Harper’s Bazaar

ST: Let’s be creative and wild!

Hello readers! 

Nice day, isn’t it? Hope you had a great day, and please excuse myself for the lack of posts.  And by the way, if you’d like to know what “ST” means, it stands for “season’s trends”. Now let’s get started, spring has sprung and we must know what are the season’s trends, mustn’t we? 

-First, as I have ( amazingly) expected in this post, one of the biggest hits of spring is ART ( now must I call myself a trendsetter?) Like it or not, designers have decided that this spring’s trend is art. Art on dresses, art on bags, art on everything. And by ‘art’ we understand paintings, illustrations, or just colors randomly arranged ( also known as abstract art) . Anyway, I’m just going to take my old tee’s out and drop some paint on it. And no, I don’t tell you that you should do the same, because you can only stick to the trend if it represents you. I really really love it because I love art, generally, and I feel like this is the perfect time when I can show off my painted tee’s collection. What I encourage you to do is: take a plain, old tee you have and paint something you like, or something that represents you. Be sure of it-  there’s nothing else going to be more good-looking on you than that single tee you’ve made – something you’ve worked into, something you’re proud of, something that represents you. All you need is a plain tee and some textile paint, but it also works with acrylic paint. Have fun and you’ll rock! Image

Prada Spring/Summer 2014 above. 

I love how artist are being promovated now , because as I have stated before, fashion + art = perfect combination. Think about it. When you buy a piece like this, you also promote the painter. Would you go out wearing a masterpiece, or will you just stick to your jeans? 

– This season’s shoes are crazy, but I’m not saying this like it’s a bad thing. Take a look and decide for yourself: 


Tommy Hilfiger above


Adidas above


Alexander McQueen above


Mulberry above.

As you’ve seen, a lot of platform shoes and sandals, and crazy colors ( another reference to the art theme). I doubt you’ll be crazy enough to wear those shoes as an alternative to sneakers or plain black stilettos, but where’s the glam when you don’t risk? You’ll just have all eyes on you, despite the ones who will probably say your shoes are ugly and kitsch. Leave them alone. Some of the shoes above are just awesome, and I personally like high-platform-shoes, I looked rather amazing and tall, even though nobody appreciated me, when I worn a pair. Now these are the kind of shoes that will go with your painted tee. 

Enough computer. I’m going to take my colors and brushes and start painting a new t-shirt. I suggest you doing the same. See you next time! 

xoxo Ingrid

Shopping with Ingrid! ~ coats ~ Top three!

Phew, it was about time. I’m back with abother “Shopping with Ingrid ” post. Hoping you have read my previous post, here we go!  ( If you haven’t , click here) This is a top three coats for winter!


3.Abercrombie & Fitch Kaylie Jacket, 130€

This is exactly what I was talking about. Yellow jacket! If you dare to wear this in the city, then you’re the best. And why not? This is pefect both for in the city and in the mountains. You won’t freeze and you will look awesome. Best deal this winter.



2. Topshop Petite Wool Boyfriend Coat- £98.00

This is probably not that thick winter coat for snow, but it surely is a great coat. Its color makes it perfect for the rainy spring days. It goes well with most of your closet things, just because red is red and red is eternal.



1.Asos Textured Coat €119.39

This pink color was the color of autumn but no one cares. Or at least, I don’t care. This color is amazing and it surely is a spring color, but take a look at this outfit! You can inspire from this photo above. Personally, I like it. I like the coat and I like the outfit. Even if I don’t like the color pink itself.

I hope you liked the post and the coats. Do you have any coats or jackets like these ( outstanding colors) ?

xoxo Ingrid

Black & White

It’s often said that Black & White are the most perfect colors, the best, the ones that can be assorted with everything, blah blah. But firstly, black and white are NOT colors. Secondly, I am really getting tired of them. Just close your computer and go for a walk in the city centre and you’ll see it. Nowadays, people only wear black and white. I mean, normal people. So it’s winter. Most of the people I saw these days only have black, white, grey or brown. People, there are other colors in this world, as well! You should not stick only to that plain, boring colors. Maybe they are not that daring to try, for example, a yellow coat? Or they think it’s not fashionable? Well, my dear, you need to know that IT IS fashionable. And for you, I’m going to make a shopping post with coats, and how to wear them. Till then, let’s stick to the black and white. 

How to wear them?  Easy. Do not wear an outfit made entirely of black and white. The consequences? All white will look like a doctor, all black will look like somebody’s dead. Sorry if that’s your personal style. Because if it is, then do not be afraid to show it. Eventually, you can wear a plain white shirt along with some statement jewellery and some color pop on your shoes. Or you can wear that little black dress with some jewellery and/or a colorful jacket or bag. Or you can try that minimalist look, but if you want an outstanding outfit, you do need a pop of color or an unique thing .

I’m not saying you should forget about the black and white things. But sometimes, it’s better if you take some time to think and remember about your teen years in a colorful dress, rather than sticking to the plain colors every single grown-up wears now. 


I hope I have inspired you. See you soon, 

xoxo Ingrid

Back to Backpacks!

Hello my dear readers! I’m back with a new short post about bags. As a new year started, I’m going to present you … backpacks!  They’re back in town and, as spring comes, you’ll definitely need one. Here we go!

No, backpacks are NOT only for school girls or hikers. Backpacks can be a fashionable alternative to that regular clutch. Some backpacks have little pockets and you can keep your stuff organised in them, and most of them are so big inside! You can opt for a plain one so you can paint it and make it fit your own style. Backpacks can be worn in the city, both in the mountains. Little advice:  don’t be afraid to show your style! If you’d like to wear it with an elegant dress and some combat boots, do it! Be confident in your style and you’ll look great whatever you’ll do! Inspiration: Chanel Backpack from S/S 2014 collection.


Hipster backpack:



Elegant backpack:



I’ll be back in a second with a Polyvore set on how to wear them!

Xoxo Ingrid

Fashion VS Art

Hello my dear readers and followers, happy new year! May 2014 bring you joy, luck and happiness. But with a new year, we have new trends. Or ‘new’ is not the proper word? Fashion is repetitive, we get to see older trends, older fabrics, yet new concepts. But let’s talk about Spring/Summer 2014, the collections that will make our summer ( and spring! ) more colorful. Indeed, I saw a color explosion on the catwalks and that’s not new – but It’s awesome.
What I saw, while looking at the latest collections, was ART. Yes, yes. Art. There’s no doubt fashion has strong roots in art but…

Lately, there are more and more designers who decide to create collections or pieces related with art. Like a painting on a dress, or something like that. We all know Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian Dress, which featured a cubist painting on it. Now that was a hit, and a reinterpretation of fashion, and art.hihhrtkhtr

Everyone is talking about Chanel Spring/Summer 2014. That’s because Chanel is famous, Karl Lagerfeld is famous. Okay, but what now? If you haven’t seen the latest Chanel show, then you really have to. It’s completely different from the past collections of Chanel, and it just seems like this fashion brand brings the ‘sunny’ season out! Lagerfeld decided to use paint brushes on his white dresses, and created an explosion of colors. I don’t have any problem with Karl or Chanel, but I just think this collection is too .. childlish? Maybe that’s its concept, but I just feel that  that prints would go well on a swimsuit or on a shopping bag. Just my opinion, correct me if I’m wrong. I think it’s a little bit kitchy, sorry Karl! Am I the only one who thinks that way?


I love the way designers use art to express their feelings through clothes. As I’m a big fan of art and fashion, I just love the way they combine it. It’s a new way to show people what you like, what you think. It’s like those artists who paint the walls with something people call “graffiti”… well that’s art. And till now, fashion did a great job collaborating with art.  It’s just more amazing seeing a women dressed in a painted dress. That’s how you can help, spreading the art. I know ‘that ‘ dress might be hard to style, but it’s a must-have.
All in all, art is essential and we can’t talk about fashion without referring to art. Am I right? Just let me know what are your thoughts  on art VS fashion and art, generally.