ST: Let’s be creative and wild!

Hello readers! 

Nice day, isn’t it? Hope you had a great day, and please excuse myself for the lack of posts.  And by the way, if you’d like to know what “ST” means, it stands for “season’s trends”. Now let’s get started, spring has sprung and we must know what are the season’s trends, mustn’t we? 

-First, as I have ( amazingly) expected in this post, one of the biggest hits of spring is ART ( now must I call myself a trendsetter?) Like it or not, designers have decided that this spring’s trend is art. Art on dresses, art on bags, art on everything. And by ‘art’ we understand paintings, illustrations, or just colors randomly arranged ( also known as abstract art) . Anyway, I’m just going to take my old tee’s out and drop some paint on it. And no, I don’t tell you that you should do the same, because you can only stick to the trend if it represents you. I really really love it because I love art, generally, and I feel like this is the perfect time when I can show off my painted tee’s collection. What I encourage you to do is: take a plain, old tee you have and paint something you like, or something that represents you. Be sure of it-  there’s nothing else going to be more good-looking on you than that single tee you’ve made – something you’ve worked into, something you’re proud of, something that represents you. All you need is a plain tee and some textile paint, but it also works with acrylic paint. Have fun and you’ll rock! Image

Prada Spring/Summer 2014 above. 

I love how artist are being promovated now , because as I have stated before, fashion + art = perfect combination. Think about it. When you buy a piece like this, you also promote the painter. Would you go out wearing a masterpiece, or will you just stick to your jeans? 

– This season’s shoes are crazy, but I’m not saying this like it’s a bad thing. Take a look and decide for yourself: 


Tommy Hilfiger above


Adidas above


Alexander McQueen above


Mulberry above.

As you’ve seen, a lot of platform shoes and sandals, and crazy colors ( another reference to the art theme). I doubt you’ll be crazy enough to wear those shoes as an alternative to sneakers or plain black stilettos, but where’s the glam when you don’t risk? You’ll just have all eyes on you, despite the ones who will probably say your shoes are ugly and kitsch. Leave them alone. Some of the shoes above are just awesome, and I personally like high-platform-shoes, I looked rather amazing and tall, even though nobody appreciated me, when I worn a pair. Now these are the kind of shoes that will go with your painted tee. 

Enough computer. I’m going to take my colors and brushes and start painting a new t-shirt. I suggest you doing the same. See you next time! 

xoxo Ingrid


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