Back to Backpacks!

Hello my dear readers! I’m back with a new short post about bags. As a new year started, I’m going to present you … backpacks!  They’re back in town and, as spring comes, you’ll definitely need one. Here we go!

No, backpacks are NOT only for school girls or hikers. Backpacks can be a fashionable alternative to that regular clutch. Some backpacks have little pockets and you can keep your stuff organised in them, and most of them are so big inside! You can opt for a plain one so you can paint it and make it fit your own style. Backpacks can be worn in the city, both in the mountains. Little advice:  don’t be afraid to show your style! If you’d like to wear it with an elegant dress and some combat boots, do it! Be confident in your style and you’ll look great whatever you’ll do! Inspiration: Chanel Backpack from S/S 2014 collection.


Hipster backpack:



Elegant backpack:



I’ll be back in a second with a Polyvore set on how to wear them!

Xoxo Ingrid


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