Fashion VS Art

Hello my dear readers and followers, happy new year! May 2014 bring you joy, luck and happiness. But with a new year, we have new trends. Or ‘new’ is not the proper word? Fashion is repetitive, we get to see older trends, older fabrics, yet new concepts. But let’s talk about Spring/Summer 2014, the collections that will make our summer ( and spring! ) more colorful. Indeed, I saw a color explosion on the catwalks and that’s not new – but It’s awesome.
What I saw, while looking at the latest collections, was ART. Yes, yes. Art. There’s no doubt fashion has strong roots in art but…

Lately, there are more and more designers who decide to create collections or pieces related with art. Like a painting on a dress, or something like that. We all know Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian Dress, which featured a cubist painting on it. Now that was a hit, and a reinterpretation of fashion, and art.hihhrtkhtr

Everyone is talking about Chanel Spring/Summer 2014. That’s because Chanel is famous, Karl Lagerfeld is famous. Okay, but what now? If you haven’t seen the latest Chanel show, then you really have to. It’s completely different from the past collections of Chanel, and it just seems like this fashion brand brings the ‘sunny’ season out! Lagerfeld decided to use paint brushes on his white dresses, and created an explosion of colors. I don’t have any problem with Karl or Chanel, but I just think this collection is too .. childlish? Maybe that’s its concept, but I just feel that  that prints would go well on a swimsuit or on a shopping bag. Just my opinion, correct me if I’m wrong. I think it’s a little bit kitchy, sorry Karl! Am I the only one who thinks that way?


I love the way designers use art to express their feelings through clothes. As I’m a big fan of art and fashion, I just love the way they combine it. It’s a new way to show people what you like, what you think. It’s like those artists who paint the walls with something people call “graffiti”… well that’s art. And till now, fashion did a great job collaborating with art.  It’s just more amazing seeing a women dressed in a painted dress. That’s how you can help, spreading the art. I know ‘that ‘ dress might be hard to style, but it’s a must-have.
All in all, art is essential and we can’t talk about fashion without referring to art. Am I right? Just let me know what are your thoughts  on art VS fashion and art, generally.


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