Black & White

It’s often said that Black & White are the most perfect colors, the best, the ones that can be assorted with everything, blah blah. But firstly, black and white are NOT colors. Secondly, I am really getting tired of them. Just close your computer and go for a walk in the city centre and you’ll see it. Nowadays, people only wear black and white. I mean, normal people. So it’s winter. Most of the people I saw these days only have black, white, grey or brown. People, there are other colors in this world, as well! You should not stick only to that plain, boring colors. Maybe they are not that daring to try, for example, a yellow coat? Or they think it’s not fashionable? Well, my dear, you need to know that IT IS fashionable. And for you, I’m going to make a shopping post with coats, and how to wear them. Till then, let’s stick to the black and white. 

How to wear them?  Easy. Do not wear an outfit made entirely of black and white. The consequences? All white will look like a doctor, all black will look like somebody’s dead. Sorry if that’s your personal style. Because if it is, then do not be afraid to show it. Eventually, you can wear a plain white shirt along with some statement jewellery and some color pop on your shoes. Or you can wear that little black dress with some jewellery and/or a colorful jacket or bag. Or you can try that minimalist look, but if you want an outstanding outfit, you do need a pop of color or an unique thing .

I’m not saying you should forget about the black and white things. But sometimes, it’s better if you take some time to think and remember about your teen years in a colorful dress, rather than sticking to the plain colors every single grown-up wears now. 


I hope I have inspired you. See you soon, 

xoxo Ingrid


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