Shopping with Ingrid! ~ coats ~ Top three!

Phew, it was about time. I’m back with abother “Shopping with Ingrid ” post. Hoping you have read my previous post, here we go!  ( If you haven’t , click here) This is a top three coats for winter!


3.Abercrombie & Fitch Kaylie Jacket, 130€

This is exactly what I was talking about. Yellow jacket! If you dare to wear this in the city, then you’re the best. And why not? This is pefect both for in the city and in the mountains. You won’t freeze and you will look awesome. Best deal this winter.



2. Topshop Petite Wool Boyfriend Coat- £98.00

This is probably not that thick winter coat for snow, but it surely is a great coat. Its color makes it perfect for the rainy spring days. It goes well with most of your closet things, just because red is red and red is eternal.



1.Asos Textured Coat €119.39

This pink color was the color of autumn but no one cares. Or at least, I don’t care. This color is amazing and it surely is a spring color, but take a look at this outfit! You can inspire from this photo above. Personally, I like it. I like the coat and I like the outfit. Even if I don’t like the color pink itself.

I hope you liked the post and the coats. Do you have any coats or jackets like these ( outstanding colors) ?

xoxo Ingrid


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