Fashion routine

Hello readers!
I hope you are fine and I hope that the weather is good where you are! Spring often surprises us. So as spring should already be in your town, here I come with a fresh post~ for spring!
Have you ever found yourself in front of your closet completely desperate because you don’t know what to wear? Well I’m sometimes like that, but sometimes I really find my clothes and my style really fast ( I guess it’s a matter of mood and inspiration). So I’m here to share with you my fashion daily routine and to give you some advice! 

Everyday I wake up hardly because of course I’d love some more hours of sleep. I only have 15 minutes to find my clothes for the day. But the thing is – I spend half of them dreaming with my eyes open or just trying to wake up properly. However, sometimes I feel so inspired that I find my clothes immediately. Or sometimes, I am just thinking about it while I am at the bathroom. Or maybe I just dream the outfits! But most of the time I spend minutes just gazing at the wardrobe, searching for something I could start my outfit with. But almost always my time runs out and I have to leave for school, so I quickly turn all of my wardrobe upside down till I find a shirt and pants and that’s it. Sometimes, this kind of stuff leads to finding a new style for me! But almost always it leads to stressful moments. 

Sometimes, because I’m in a rush, I pick clothes that are too warm for the season and then I sweat all day, or clothes that are not warm enough and then I freeze all day. 


How can we avoid this?

You can avoid this eventually. I hope. You need to go to bed earlier in order to think clearly about it in the morning. Or you can just prepare your outfit before going to bed, thing I sometimes do as well. Don’t be afraid to pick random clothes! You can never know what can you discover.

So this was a pretty short post. I hope you enjoyed my little life adventures and I hope you will find a routine ( or a spontaneous look) that will make you happy!

xoxo Ingrid

P.s. I had some fun shooting these photos and many more you will see soon.. 🙂


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