Trip to London! ( V&A + Design museum)

Hello everybody!
Dear reader, first, I’d like to apologize for being so inactive! But as the title says, I had a wonderful trip in London, so as I’m back, I will keep you informed with the latest trends, news, outfits etc. But now, I’m going to tell you what I saw – the Victoria&Albert museum and the Design Museum ( okay I thought that’d interest you the most, this is a fashion blog though)

Now let’s get straight to the first point- the V&A. Now I’m not going to tell you the entire history of the museum, you just need to know that it is an art&design museum, and between 5 april and 27 july there is an exhibition ( a special one) called ” The glamour of the Italian Fashion ~years 1945 to 2014 ~”



So if you’re in London and you’re bored, you’d better go and see this. It is extraordinary, it reassembles the culture of Italy and the fashion, and the tradition there in an unique exhibition. * P.s. I’m not a promoting agent, those are just my opinions. This is just a small blog, come on, who would pay me to promote something here? * There were a lot of old dresses and costumes, old jewelry and accessories ( shoes, bags etc), including some that had been worn by numerous TV stars, including Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry set.


But God, they all looked so clean, so NEW and so well-kept! Some of the clothes could easily become again fashionable, no matter how many years passed by.
So in the first room there were old dresses from the fifties, together photos and films from the first fashion show ever. Then I saw clothes that have been worn by some royalities and film stars, then some mens clothing. In one of the rooms I saw an incredible coat ( well it was not that beautiful but I like how it was presented. Just keep reading) from Fendi, created by Karl Lagerfeld. There was the entire designing process there- the sketch, the coat creatied entirely of paper, with the colors written on them ( thing that I’ve never seen before) and the finished product. I also saw some new stuff, like these:


Dolce Gabbana A-W 2013 ( I also saw the crown!)



It was amazing to see these masterpieces and so many more pieces of history! All in all, it was an incredible visit at the museum and even though this is just a glimpse of the museum & exhibition and you probably haven’t understand much, you should definitely go and visit V&A. I couldn’t take pictures of the exhibition, sorry sorry sorry.

I also got my hands on this exclusive edition of May 2014 Harper’s Bazaar created especially for V&A , for the Bridal Dresses Exhibition ( not really worth mentioning; I saw that too but it was not as big and not as beautiful as the Italian one)Image

So I won’t describe my visit at the design museum, but if you like Paul Smith, you should go there. There was ( and it still is) an exhibition regarding Paul Smith’s designing career and you can see there his workspace, his office and a lot of things he designed. I wasn’t a big fan of Paul Smith before I’d visited the museum, but when I saw his work, I became one. There is also a room with innovative designs where I saw this Prada s-s 2014 dress:



And also many many more cool inventions and designs.
What else I did? ( speaking fashion of course)

I discovered a ultra-mega-cool shop in Piccadilly Circus in London, called “The Sting”. I mean, seriously, can any other shop be better than that? Believe me, it was INCREDIBLE! There were 2 floors for women and one for men. The shop was sectioned – there were many brands ( that are not as known as H&M, Zara etc, shops known mainly among teens) but the one I found the best was “Seven Sisters”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything about it on the internet. However, the clothes there were amazing, they were stylish and trendy and they were following the street style trends among teens and young girls/boys so if you feel like having fun & look fabulous, go there.

I also got a pair of Dr. Martens boots ( you know, they’re on the ‘must’ list for 2014 )


I hope you had fun reading this post. See you!

xoxo Ingrid

p.s. All the photos are from the internet, except the one with Harper’s Bazaar


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