Huge Winter Haul!

I know, I know, it’s not so typical for bloggers to do hauls, but I thought it’s more easier and funnier for all of us, and here are some reasons!Firstly, I won’t have to buy tons of clothes, and wait for them to arrive to find out they’re not my size! Secondly, you will be able to click to get to the item you want instead of traveling miles and miles to get to the store and find out that the desired thing is not there. So basically I will be picking cool clothes for winter and New Year’s Party, and without any proper introduction, here I go!
ASOS Lightening Print Mini Dress
Get it from for €62.33 ( be quick , it’s on sale). I personally think it’s so amazing!I love the print, because I love lighting bolts in general. I also like the colors, they’re great for the New Year’s Eve party!
ASOS Sweatshirt with Christmas Fairisle Print
Another thing from, this time for
€34.25 , but hey, what’s Christmas without the ‘traditional’ Christmas Print Sweater?
ASOS Box Pleat Mini Skater Skirt – €38.36   sale ~NOW €26.71

Again, ( hope I’m not driving you insane with this site, I just like the things and they have resonable prices and great quality ). The skater skirt, as I’ve stated a lot of times, is a must, especially now when you can wear it with some comfy leggings, and especially the red one! You can also inspire from the look in the photo above for the New Year’s Party – The skirt, with a black crop top and stilettos.
h5h5tttte bt
Brandy Melville:  Eat sleep embroidery beanie & Haylynn knit beanie
Both from, for 22 & 2o $
So the beanie is the latest and the hottest item if you want to have a street style, hipster look, and they’re  very cozy for a cold winter day – we must protect our hair, mustn’t we?

Brandy Melville Ilona Scarf – 35
From , one of the most usable ( if I can say that) item for winter- the scarf! You have to have at least one, made of wool, and one made of cotton or other materials ( for spring). It’s not the fact that it keeps you warm, but it gives your outfit a stylish and comfy look.
UGG Womens Classic Tall – 240   ( I know, I know, it’s pricey)
From ( I suggest you buying from here or from the authorized or official stores, because there are a lot of fake and cheap UGG’s which are made from goat or dog fur and that’s horrendous. I know it’s pricey, but at least you can keep your feet warm all winter and know that you haven’t killed any animal). The UGG’s are most likely the teens’ boots, because lately women are wearing heels even in winter, but they are perfect for that cold winter day. Anyway, they’re not very suitable for rain or snow, as they can get wet very quickly, so you’d better buy waterproof boots for that kind of weather.
Brandy Melville Zip up leather jacket – 55 $
My favorite, the leather jacket! I love it! It gives you that rock and grunge boost you need for an outfit and you can wear it with absolutely everything!
Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren Longline Plaid Shirt – 116.44
Plaid is, for sure, the season’s trend and a paid shirt is never getting old or out of trend. Especially when you want to get the grunge look that is currently on every catwalk show! Get it from

So I hope you liked everything I showed you , I wanted to present you some clothes that you could actually wear everyday and not get bored, and something that’s fashionable this season. Sorry about the euro-dollars confusion, you can check out the websites and see the price that’s available for your country. Till next time, happy New Year and Happy Holidays!


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