Isabel Marant for H&M


So as you probably know, yesterday, the 14th of november, H&M released a capsule-collection in collaboration with Isabel Marant. I’ve managed to get concrete information and I also have personal opinios I’d love to share with you.
Firstly, who is Isabel Marant? She’s a relatively new designer, the clothes she designs being destined mostly for street style-women ( and why not, boys, as Isabel Marant also creates clothes for men).
Since 2004, when H&M collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld, almost every year they’ve been creating collabs with diffrent designers. This year it’s Isabel Marant’s turn. Not known ( and even not agreed) by older fashionistas, Isabel created for this collection , clothes she would like to wear, as she personally stated. She’s mostly known for her wedge shoes , but this time she made a better job, clothes for every taste.

Above- Isabel Marant’s wedge shoes, a combination between sneakers and heels.
Some old, respectable designers dislikes Isabel’s style in designing clothes, as she makes not-very-excuisite-clothes. But who cares? This collection was a big hit, as H&M stated yesterday : “it’s probably the most anticipated collection this year”  . Hurry up, the collection is most likely to be sold out in the neareast H&M shop, but you can still find some pieces online, at or ( be careful, though, as some pieces on ebay may or may not be genuine).
Hoping I haven’t bored you, get ready for my next Isabel Marant for H&M posts!


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