Here I go again.. | no.1 issue of something big

on my own..

Christmas ( and holidays, of course) is coming soon so am I getting ready for it… somehow. I’ve already started to feel the snow smell! So I must act soon. I need comfy sweaters and jackets. NOW! So from now on, I’ll have a new column called ‘SHOPPING WITH INGRID’. Indeed, very original name. However, this is the first post and this time I’ll show you the cutest SWEATERS! I’ll show you sweaters, the price and where you can take them from. Let’s start!

Let’s start with a must- this fall brings us marbled prints with grey tones! Check this sweater out-

Image – 920 €

Now a cheaper one, haha. Good for rainy days:

Image – 54,95

Get ready to be warm with this Michael Kors poncho-sweater! Grannie’s sweaters are very hot this season!

Image – 195

If you want something else, try this sweatshirt from H&M – it keeps you warm and it looks so cool!

H&M , 34,5

Hope you’ve like the post and maybe you’ll get a cute sweater for yourself this fall!

* I don’t intend to promote this brands or something, I’m not affiliated with none *

Till next time,

xoxo Ingrid


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