Hi guys! How have you been? I wish you a happy fall and a great day! Firstly, I would like to apologize for not being here in a while, but I somehow managed to post outfits so you won’t feel so alone, but  I’ve been having a lot of exams lately and I still do, but I’ll try to post regularly.
I guess you’ve seen that the blog has a new template, surprise! Hope it’s better and you’ll like it , and I’ve also added a “contact me” page, where you’ll see my other works and email.
Now let’s get back to work! In this post I’ll be talking about TARTAN, this fall’s hottie! Everybody’s been releasing tartan collections ( or things) so a tartan bag or skirt ( like in the old school days, right?) is a must! Some designers like Moschino or Celine ( who actually mixed some colors and got some variations from the classic black-white-red) did collections created entirely of tartan – it might sound creepy to wear a tartan top with a tartan jacket, with tartan pants and tartan shoes! Don’t forget the bag 🙂 Well, when fashion asks for something, you have to do it, right? Just joking. You can either wear a tartan jacket over a black dress, or that classic tartan skirt mixed with a cozy coat.
My personal favorite is the Moschino collection. It’s incredible! The whole collection is based on horse riding-themed clothes are there are plenty of tartan items to choose from! The highlights were the bold black russian-like hats, with bold golden jewelery and the ‘M’ from Moschino beign stylized on the clothes! Other great collections are Phillip Lim with cool grunge clothes,  or Dolce and Gabanna featuring golden crowns.

How do you feel about tartan? Do you like it? Will you wear it? Share your opinions in the comment section!

Till next time, have a nice ‘tartan’ day!

xoxo Ingrid



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