Because we can!

We all can express our own style. Even if the fashion magazines present you some things that you don’t like, don’t be forced to wear that things. Remember that the women makes the fashion, and you must guide the fashion. Don’t let yourself guided by the fashion. Wear something that YOU like, that makes YOU feel good! It’s important to feel good in your own clothes and style.

As an example, I’ll say here my all-time favorites ( I also made a Polyvore set about it). After all, this is a blog, right? Maybe we’ll have the same taste 🙂

When it comes to fashion, I love Harry Potter things as I am a Harry Potter fan, so a Hogwarts tee or a Deathly Hallows bracelet are always in my closet. I also like large crop tops, with a tee underneath sometimes, or sweatshirts, which are great on a cold autumn weather. I also like shirts or plaid shirts, left open on a plain t-shirt. When it comes to school fashion, I choose cardigans. They’re so sweet and cozy and they’re awesome everyday! I love ripped denim , I consider they look good with every look. And another thing I like are black jeans, or leather leggings. Again, they go great with.. everything! I love skater skirts, I love them so much! My style is a bit crazy, I think, as I love wearing Converse shoes with skater skirts.

As accessories and beauty, I like studs. Shoes with studs, bags with studs, belts with studs-  love them all. I also like flats, they give me a free and comfy look . And hats – they don’t go well with everything, but when they do, they do it with class. For beauty, I like nude and light colors, closer to my skin’s tone. I like natural things, but I don’t refuse a smokey eyes look.


What are your favorite things?

xoxo Ingrid


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