What’s fashionable this season?

Fall-winter season is coming faster than we would expect, so here are some fashion pieces that you must have in your wardrobe! Something for fashion & beauty, too.


– Hollywood dresses and skirts made out of silk are hot right now for any feminine looks

– Fur all over your body. It’s chic to wear fur this season! You’ll find exotic colors at Roberto Cavalli ( mostly, 80’s colors) or you can choose Tom Ford for geometrical prints and colors. If you want something different, try the furs from the Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi, it’s a punk-themed collection containing furs with punk haircuts!

– Tartan You’ll feel very cozy in tartan! You can try a full tartan look, or you can choose only a piece. Something very hot is : a tartan shirt with a leather skirt, as seen on Givenchy.

– Coats and candies You can mix them and you’ll get candy-colored coats! Try a pastel-colored coat and I know you’ll feel bright even in the darkest moments.

– Gold!  The statement pieces this season are the gold things. Are you ready to shine?

-Jungle themed outfits will make your fall ‘wild’ ! Try a tiger, zebra, leopard or even giraffe ( Burberry ) print!

– Punk is cool! Tartan, vinyl, leather and metal chains are on!


Glossy eyes make your eyes look more than glossy. They make your eyes look.. natural. It’s a specific technique that’s often used at Catwalks, that makes your eyes look like they have no make-up on them. Smart, isn’t it? Also, for eyes, try the colorblock look for your eyes, you’re eyes’ inner value will rise! For lips try some extreme colors like burgundy. If it’s not burgundy, it must be nude. That’s it. Your nails should be red. Try colors from red to burgundy and choose the one that fits you well.


I hope you liked this post and you did not consider it too long. xoxo Ingrid



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