What to wear at a party?

Having a party soon, but not having a dress yet? Here are some tips on how to look awesome and impress your friends at a party.

First, you need to know that the dress is not the only thing you can wear at a party. Whether if it’s short or long, a dress is not your only option. Try a skirt, or some pants. But, after all, you must dress up according the party’s theme. If it’s a friend party, thrown by you or your friends, you can ask your friend about what to wear or you can wear a light short dress, with pale colors and some flats and a shoulder bag, but don’t forget about small earrings and rings. The make-up should be as pale as the dress, and the hair can be easily messy. If it’s a party thrown by you, you might want to impress people but don’t dress up with things you don’t like. It’s better if you dress up with things of your personal fashion taste, to feel good. If it’s a night party, you have two option. If it’s an elegant party, with champagne and formal things, wear a long dress with a clutch and stilettos. The make-up should be light, according your skin’s color. If it’s a disco party, wear a short dress, colorful, or black or white, with a necklace and long hair or a cute up-do. 


There are many ways to dress up at a party, and the best way is:  Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Although, the clothes are not making the style, but the women herself. Have fun!

xoxo Ingrid



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