Hi there! I’m back with a new post about…. Tattoos. I know they’re a very controversial topic, but there are many many people who tattoo their body. Why do they do this? Maybe to be in trend, as many celebrities have tattoos.. Or, maybe to mark an important event/thing on their body, but is an event that important to mark it on your body, forever? I heard some things about companies telling their employees to tattoo the logo of the company on their body for extra money. Really? And dozens accepted! That’s pure craziness! Anyway, tattoos are a way or expressing yourself, tattoos are art. Many teenagers these days tattoo the name of their girlfriend, the name of their favorite band, but later they regret. It’s very painful and very expensive to erase your tattoo. Some tattoo symbols on their body. At first sight they look meaningless, but they surely mean something for their ‘owner’. 


Would you make yourself a tattoo? ( If yes, be careful, though, because some jobs require no tattoos on your body) What thing would you like to have drawn on your body forever?

xoxo Ingrid


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