Skater style

Inspired by the new H&M skater collection, I’ve decided to write a post about skater style. So, first, I’ll list some things that skater girls need to have, some must-haves.

-Sweatshirt dress: The new addition, it’s so cool to wear one! But normal Sweatshirts are cool, too. Try one with a NYC print or any other print. Plain’s old.

– Graffitti printed nails : It’s a special polish that gives you a graffitti effect.

– Bangles : More is better!

– Caps : You know the classic skater hat. It’s not old, it’s the best thing that skaters ever had! Try one, they fit almost every outfit.

– Studs! – things with studs are very cool and very skater-ish

-Sneakers, canvas sneakers, Converse, Vans – these brands make cool sneakers, and they are a must-have for skaters.

-Denim– jackets, shorts… they’re awesome

– Tops & Print tops : Must-haves!

-Knitted jumpers – with NYC print or just plain, they are awesome ( not for a hot day, but anyway)

-Band Tee’s – rather for rockers, but still go great.

-Pleated skirts, skater skirts – Awesome skirts for skaters

-Beanies – skater originals

-T-shirt dress– NYC print? Oh, I think you’re already bored of it.

-Hoodies and baseball jackets – great for a cold day

-Sleeveless tops and crop tops – Must have!


Don’t forget the skateboard 🙂

xoxo Ingrid


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