Summer favourites

Although Summer’s not over, and it’s like one month left, I’ve decided to make a post about Summer favorites. They’re not mine or yours, they’re just the trends that rocked all summer long.

– Ripped Denim Shorts . A must-have! They’re great when the sun heats you all day, and they go great with a tee sticked in them.

– Print tee’s .Especially with summer themes, like ocean, sun, beach or even quotes. The most colorful, the best. Be careful! Neon tee’s are not that hot.. But if you have sunglasses or shoes with a neon touch.. Well, my friend, that’s hot.

– Sunglasses. Hats are not the ones who defend you from burning rays, but sunglasses. The most fashionable are pilot-sunglasses, round glasses or nerdy sunglasses with a touch of neon as I said above. Great!

– Sandals. Nothing compares with a long walk on the beach.. take your comfortable sandals, and they’ll go great with a long blouse.

– Crop tops. Don’t forget about them. You’ll make yourself a cute outfit if you add a skater skirt and a necklace. Sweet!

– Skater skirts. They never get old, dear.

-Leather backpacks.Great for a summer picnic or walk in the park!

– Fringe! – You’ll have a 70’s look with a vest with fringes or a bag, or even a swimsuit!

Do you like those things above? Have you worn some? Cuz’ I totally did! Here’s a collage of all the things that rocked the summer this year.

Share your opinions in the comment section!

xoxo Ingrid


One thought on “Summer favourites

  1. Great article! I too love ripped denim shorts! It would mean so much if you could check out my blog since I am a fashion blogger as well! Happy blogging 🙂

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