Magic Closet

Hello everybody, please excuse my absence. Now I’m back with a fresh subject about fashion – the Magic Closet! I bet you haven’t heard about it so I’m going to tell you about it. It’s the best way to try on all the clothes you like, with minimum effort! Kinda dazzled? I’ll explain you everything you need to know about this new app. First, this Magic Closet is like your virtual shop assistant for your personal wardrobe. It helps you choose the best clothes according some occasions : an interview for a job, a party, a date and many more. Magic Closet can be used as an app on I-phone or Android, but also by online clothing shops. Furthermore, it can be used in clothes shops, so the shoppers can virtually try on the clothes from the shop. In order to use the app, you must enter the ocassion and then the Magic Closet will suggest looks based on the photos of the clothes from your wardrobe/shop. Check out this link to see how the magic wardrobe works :

What do youu think about the Magic Closet?

xoxo Ingrid


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