Melting tights

Boo! It’s Halloween! No, it’s just the latest pair of melting tights, the only thing is that they make nice Halloween Costume, their special thing that makes them different from the other tights is their sense to… melt. In fact, it’s just paint made from a special material, that makes them look like there’s paint running down your legs. This is what their name comes from. There are a lot of models you can choose from, including transparent or ripped models of the tights, or sparkly paint.

Their cost is around 50-60 dollars, and most teenagers agree with them, but others don’t. My opinion is that you can’t wear them everyday, some colors don’t match and you can only wear them with shorts or skirts. Another problem is people. Some can’t see the difference between paint and model paint, so take care, laughing about your tights is your responsability!

Leaving the jokes away, I think these are some exclusive tights, not accesible to everyone.

Do you like them?

xoxo Ingrid

photo credit: GoogleImage


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