Sunkissed or Sunburnt?

ImageSummer, oh Summer! Are you expecting Summer as much as I am? The Summer comes with hot weather, Sun, Sand, Ocean and friends because it’s the Summer Holiday! But, some problems can stop our joy if we don’t take care about our own bodies! Here are some tips with which you’ll have a wonderful bronze!

1. Choose a Sun Lotion matching your skin tone, so you can protect yourself from the Sun’s rays. If you have a white skin, you should use a Sun Lotion with SPF ( Solar protection formula) minimum 25. With white skin, you are brozing slower, but burning quicker, so take care! If you have a medium skin, you should use a SPF 15. If you have dark skin, use SPF between 6 and 15.

2. Drink a lot of water! Lying on the beach can be tiring because of the Sun. Drink minimum 2 litres of water a day to keep your skin tonified!

3. Sport is vital! Instead of sunbathing all day, choose to play a sport or take a walk for a hour or two.

4. Sunbathe carefully! You should not stay on the beach between 12 o’ clock and 16 o’ clock or you might get burnt by the sun!

I hope it will help you and you’ll have a gorgeous bronze!

xoxo Ingrid

Credit photo: google



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